Mission Statement

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A society that treats animals in a respectful fashion

Our most important goal is to work for a society that treats animals in a respectful fashion. There are many problems associated with the way in which animals are treated. They are often not seen as living creatures with a soul, but as products that people believe they can use and abuse as they see fit: as meat products in the factory farming industry, as guinea pigs in laboratories, as the defenceless quarry of hunters and anglers, as a source of entertainment for visitors to illegal zoos, and so forth.

We want a position created of Commissioner for Animal Welfare, a specialist with experience and knowledge in this field and in the political arena, who can be in a position to get the moribund animal protection legal machinery in Cyprus moving out of apathy, and assuming its responsibilities. We aim to work to remove the black image being sent out of Cyprus via social networking as a negative tourist destination, not as the land of Aphrodite, but as the land of cruelty where abandoned skeletal dogs and cats roam, with their bodies littering the roads. We also aim to address the new phenomenon of premeditated savagery, which contributes to the decay of the moral fibre in our country, the population currently struggling under extreme economic duress brought about by self-regarding politicians.

Naturally, we also believe that people are also important. People come from different or no political spectrums, and from various nationalities. But what we have in common is that we believe that the way in which animals are treated in our society – as in many societies – is disgraceful. Our supporters deem animal welfare to be so important that they are able to push their differences with respect to other issues aside.

In a broader sense, we strive towards a society in which sustainability and compassion take centre stage. This means that we work towards respectful interactions between people, animals and nature. We do not want the destruction of our living environment, the extinction of plant and animal species and the unequal distribution of wealth, which means that a large proportion of the world’s population live in poverty, to come to an end. These points of departure form the basis of all our political standpoints. Not just relating to animal welfare, but also other subjects.

The Animal Party Cyprus (APC) understands that the way in which we as a civilisation interact with our living environment is central to our philosophy. We refer to Ghandi who understood that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. These wise words are perfectly in keeping with our vision of a more humane society.