KIVOTOS (Ark)Animal Responsibility Cyprus (ARC) is now 20 years old. Founded in 1993 and registered in 1994, to introduce Humane Education to Cyprus and to lobby and campaign on behalf of animals.

HUMANE EDUCATION: ARC produced a story for children My Best Friend Jason in both Greek and English. The story makes clear the compassionate way to live with a dog, contrasting this with the sad, tied up-fed on stale bread life that too many dogs lead. The children themselves find the solution. Through ARC presentations in schools, thousands of children have received the story at no charge, and their teachers have used it as a basis for artwork and writing. Many other leaflets have been distributed.

WILDLIFE: Concerned about the slaughter of protected fruit bats and realising that Cyprus is the only EU country to host these beautiful creatures, ARC produced an educational booklet in Greek, English and Turkish to educate the public. These have been distributed via ARC presentations in Schools. ARC successfully campaigned for Cyprus to sign and ratify the EUROBATS Agreement. The Act went through the Cyprus House of Representatives and Cyprus is now a member state.